Fun Caricatures & Quick Portraits
Gordon Ng

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~~~ My Intro ~~~

J Drawing, my #1 childhood hJbby, made my life more fun ...n less predictable. .After pocketing n architecture degree from U.C.B., I pursued the career of a freelance illustrator.. I loved drawing faces the most! .Drawing live subjects at events jolted my creative nerves~~~ I lJved it. In 1990, I made it my profession.

J J Entertaining others can be very entertaining! .On one hand, I' m engaged in capturing my subject's look & essence; on the other, I seek to " fun-tasize" up a scenario to place my subject to make my drawings more fun. Words, ideas, & requests from my subjects have also sparked greater creativity & wilder humor. .Over the years, speed-drawing has changed my ways in the fusion of flow, style, & beauty. .But one thing remains unchanged----- **Most people love their caricatures/portraits to be complimentary with resemblance. ** One can still have tons-of-fun imaginatively, while playing interactively to one " Golden Rule" on the job---" To Delight one's customers." Then, everyJne" s happy!

J J J Let' s pARTy!! .Come n get your "Fun.Art.Caricature. Entertainment" drawingsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!


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